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Sacred Geometry & DNA

Human DNA uses the Phi Ratio to form the wave that spins our genetic codes. Within the double helix of our DNA and the human energy field, we each have access to a hidden store of knowledge and wisdom called the Force of Holy Light. Unlocking this information is a primary study of many individuals today who feel that human potential and the ability to heal ourselves and the planet, are encoded in this spiral matrix. We presently know of two strands and sixty-four genetic codons in our DNA. We are in the process of activating codes that will aid in the shift from third-dimensional to fourth-dimensional reality, which is the course evolution is taking. We are turning on ten additional strands of DNA, which, including the present two, will afford us what seems at this point unlimited possibilities. The emotions of love and compassion influence the harmonics of the heart and speed these changes to our DNA. Each time you act from your heart, rather than from fear, you contribute to the evolution of humankind and the healing of Mother Earth. Open your heart to the reality that love is the answer!

Written by: Francene Hart, from “Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck” ~DNA Conscious Evolution~ Picture by: Krystle Smith

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